Winter is coming – a Stark’s favorite quote is about to become reality.That’s right, when the snow falls and the cold wind blows, you’ll need a cozy and comfortable friend to keep you warm.These winter crocodile socks would make Ned Stark proud of how prepared you are for the upcoming winter season. 

These crocodile socks resemble a big crocodile having a go at you and wanting to eat your feet. They look awesome and funny at the same time, the design is implemented to look like a crocodile. It’s a very cute and unique design. These are thick winter socks perfect for the winter season and the cold weather. If the winter in your area hits like the ones which hit Winterfell, then these crocodile socks are a must-have.


Our Nordic socks from the Classic Collection are made with a special cotton blend that ensures every pair is as soft and flexible as it can be. Versatile and stretchy, they are made to follow the natural curvature of your feet and provide you with the utmost of comfort and protection in any situation.


Our wool is gathered from Merino sheep in the east and southeast regions in Turkey. It is processed and manufactured in Usak city. 
The wool shearing process is done by farmers without using any machines, so there is no physical harm to the sheep.


Every single sock in our shop are full terry- a special manufacturing technique where areas are knitted with a secondary loop in order to provide extra cushioning.

This is what makes our socks incredibly soft and warm, the ideal comfort provider for your feet.

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